Friday, March 21, 2008 A “chat” in the craw …

Friday, March 21, 2008 A "chat" in the craw … "Should we remove kindergartens? We’ve seen this question asked in a recent book. written by an inspector under pseudonym. Le Figaro magazine refitting Alain Bentolila and Jack Lang. We can s’ help seeing in this media insistence as a desire to put this issue on the agenda. One can also see it as a trial balloon in a comprehensive research of economy … Ball that is quick to seize Xavier Darcos chat carried on 20 with the website Le Monde: "How is it elsewhere? since we have more hours of instruction in the primary than in any comparable country. By starting earlier, and prescolarisant everyone to 3 years. How can countries where school begins at age 7 and have fewer hours? And before us in all rankings. "Since we’ll talk chat Xavier Darcos, there are other disturbing answers. About Rased, the Minister said: "[they] were very helpful, but we observe that two hours identified in the service of teachers aim to help and support to students. ". Another statement to note is the statement made in response to a question about the widespread use of Social and Economic Sciences in 2nd: "To some extent, through various disciplines, economic and social are already covered , including ECJS [civic, legal and social education] and in history and geography. ". Finally the persistent rumor recovery on many lists and blogs for the disappearance of competitive examinations, the Minister replied "The competition will not disappear. But the president made two commitments: 1) that teachers are recruited at masters; 2) the beginning of their career or upgraded. These two requirements lead to make proposals for recruitment from 2009. But, as I said, the competition will not disappear. ". So we can say that the Minister continues to make statements and announce a timetable of reforms as if there had been no election defeat. He insists: "The reforms are decided by the government and passed by the political majority They are made in the interest of the education system.". But FrancoisJarraud in Pedagogical Cafe poses the right question: "Is it really in a position to impose these reforms?". 40 … Note Liberation initiative that offers number on Friday May 68 and performed by students of Nanterre. Note consacreau an article on March 22, which is often considered the true starting May 68. The celebration begins … Good Reading … ———————- ———————— 21/03/08 Release of March 22, the roots of May 1968 in the world, the click. A new faculty of Nanterre, the student movement launched in spring crystallize the struggles and provide the breeding ground for youth mobilization two months later. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Should we remove Le Figaro 21/03/08 kindergartens? VIDEO – "It’s a ridiculous idea!" Says Jack Lang. " Without a doubt ! But we must rebuild the mother as a separate school, "replies the linguist Alain Bentolila. A face-to-face to find in Le Figaro Magazine. Read more of the article "The kindergarten deepens inequalities" INTERVIEW – "You have to close kindergartens" in a pamphlet the deliberately provocative title, Inspector of Education severely criticizes the education of young children. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 21/03/08 (a day late). There are 100 000 poor students in France Long considered privileged because top homework help
they entered higher education, symbol of a certain social success, students see their situation deteriorate on campus. Read more of the article Wengo, the site that takes young people to galore It did not take 24 hours to ricochet website Wengo on muddy cliches bordering on strike days. On Tuesday, the teachers were asked to stop work to protest against job cuts. The same day, Wengo, online coaching site proposed teacher services for students anxious to recover the delay today. Read more of the article Dunce Cap for The Darco SNUIPP yesterday called teachers a day of action against the wrong policies of the government. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 21/03/08 (paying) Nothing seen … ————————- ———————– the Cross of Nothing seen … 21/03/08 ————– ———————————– 20 minutes from 21/03/08 Aldo Naouri: "When giving an order to a child, it does not explain, otherwise it falls into the justification "in an interview in" She ", Aldo Naouri, recognized pediatrician, advises parents not to say" I love you "to their children and removing blanket, pacifier and bottle for 2 and a half years without explanation. Parents and experts consider some of these about archaic and inappropriate. Read more of the article How to parental responsibility for children? Do not bathe a brother and sister together beyond the 4 years the elder, remove pacifier and blanket without explanation, stop the bottle from 2 years and a half, do not drink the child "I love you." In an interview published in "It" this week, directed by Aldo Naouri, pediatrician, pushed up more than one parent. Read more of the article Modern languages ??live in London A primary school Danton Montreuil (93) yesterday afternoon, a CM2 class, highly concentrated, converse in English with Celia. This teacher is not quite among them, only its image will appear on the projection screen through a video conferencing system. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 21/03/08 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————- Rue89 of 21/03/08 Education: 11,000 fewer jobs! ZEP-fear! What will tomorrow’s school? At a school without time to learn, with fewer hours, without help, without time to think, with fewer teachers, no childhood … Read More Article ———— ———————————— West of France 21/03/08 Nothing seen … South ———————————————— Western 21/03/08 Nothing seen … ————————————– ———- Le Journal du Dimanche 21/03/08 ————————- Nothing seen … ———————— Le Monde 21/03/08 Battle on the property treasure Parisian universities Jean-Charles Pomerol, President just re-elected to the University of Paris VI Pierre and Marie Curie, does not hide his irritation. He estimates be prevented from disposing of the possibilities offered by the new law on university autonomy. "I will not have the real devolution because enarques Bercy do not want to let go of 13 hectares along the Seine," he says. Read more of the article Darcos: "the issue of positions is not the cornerstone of the quality of education" Invited "chat", the Minister of Education said that "n ‘there is no merger or consolidation of high school courses. " He said that "thinking about high school courses will lead to medium-term evolution of the Bachelor." Darcos meets Socialist Jack Lang Thursday, March 20, on the primary school. Read more of the article four months in prison for hitting a teacher A 32 year old man recently released from prison was sentenced Thursday, March 20, in Alencon, to four months in prison for hitting a teacher of his son in the yard of a primary school, are we learned, Friday, March 21, judicial sources. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 21/03/08 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 21/03/08 Nothing seen … ——————————– ————————— selected in dispatches of 21/03/08 Darcos is planning an "evolution" of the tray refuses idea of ??a "fusion" of the dies the Education Minister Xavier Darcos said that his plans to reform "the high school courses" lead "medium term" to "an evolution of bachelor" excluding "any merger or overhaul "of these sectors, on Thursday during a discussion of Read more article: InterUnion secondary schools calls for "further actions" An inter middle and high school, originally a Tuesday day strike to protest against job cuts on Friday called for "further actions" and asked the Minister of Education "to receive as soon as possible." Read more of the article Rally Lycee Voltaire in Paris against positions of deletions Between 50 and 150 people –enseignants, eleves– students and parents of the Lycee Voltaire in Paris have demonstrated Friday in front of the rectory, in the twentieth district to protest against job cuts planned for autumn 2008, have we learned from sources. Read more of the article The teacher who slapped a schoolboy refuses to plead guilty on March 27, the teacher who had slapped a student, on 28 January in Berlaimont (North), wants a public hearing and denies the procedure to plead guilty originally scheduled for March 27 did said Friday his lawyer. Read more of the article deletions of posts: several hundred demonstrators in Creteil Several hundred people, teachers and students, protested peacefully Friday morning at the rectory of Creteil, where was to be held on academic joint technical committee ( CTPA), protesting against job cuts announced for the next school year, found an AFP journalist. 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