About Us

In short, we help our clients understand and unlock the power of digital and social media technologies.

JLGSocial specializes in developing creative ideas and strategic solutions for individuals and brands that want to reach their audiences through digital platforms. By marrying our creativity with an understanding of the latest technology, we craft effective, measurable programs that build word-of-mouth and develop stronger brand evangelists through engaged communities.

We believe every client has unique business objectives and social media goals. But in the highly competitive landscape of marketing communications agencies, these objectives are commonly managed by generalists who scramble to understand the brand and it’s stakeholders.

At JLGS, we create client teams that combine experienced social media strategists with those that have translatable experience as a target customer, putting JLGS in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

We follow a similar approach for digital production (web sites, mobile apps, etc.) JLGS has established consulting relationships with many talented designers and developers. The production team is created on a project-by-project basis, aligning the most appropriate designer and developer with project objectives. This results in the most efficient, most effective end product.



male_silhouetteJames Gregson began his career in ‘non-traditional’ brand strategy, and has been able to pioneer an unparalleled combination of technical understanding and conceptual creativity to craft effective, measurable programs for clients.

Prior to starting up JLGS, James was the head of DKC Connect, the Digital Division at Dan Klores Communications (DKC), where his role offered high-level strategy on all things digital, from online influencer outreach to web site production and strategy. Integrating the best of online and interactive technologies with traditional public relations and marketing communications, James was able to deliver high impact strategies with measurable results.

Before his time at DKC, James led the digital team at Lippe Taylor, where he had a similar focus managing the Emerging Media group. James was also a founding member of Hill & Knowlton‘s Digital practice, where he executed a number of online campaigns for a variety of  lifestyle brands.

James is a member of WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) and a current judge for the Interactive Media Awards.